At Nobles Greenhouse, we make it our goal to provide the best gardening experience possible. We offer:


Delivery – We’ll gladly deliver your purchases or gift if you desire. Delivery costs dependent on the area we’ll be traveling to. Give us a call for pricing and scheduling.


Landscape And Garden Design – We offer a free service called “We Plan You Plant”. Bring the measurements and pictures of the area of your yard you want to work on. We’ll walk the nursery with you and show you which plants will do the best in your landscape. We’ll then draw a simple sketched planting plan that will only include the plants you like! This easy to follow plan will show you approximately where to plant the shrubs and trees that you purchase. We also offer a scale drawing for those who want more detail. These drawings are priced depending on the time involved and whether you would like us to visit your home for a more in depth consultation. Call us and let us know your address and we can give you the price for an onsite visit.

Planting Service – If you decide you need someone to plant your purchases we’ll gladly recommend an experienced professional who will do a great job.

Florist Services – All beautiful potted plants make wonderful gifts! Gorgeous hanging baskets, blooming outdoor container gardens, indoor dish gardens, tropical and houseplants, rose bushes and lots more.
We love the holidays here at Nobles! Whether it’s Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or Mother’s Day we’ll be ready with a stunning variety of beautiful gift plants! If you’re too busy to come by, just give us a call and we’ll help you make the perfect gift choice and we’ll deliver it!

124-2472_IMG-202x300Potting Service – If you need a plant repotted into a new pot there’s no need for you to get dirty! We’ll be glad to take care of it for you! We can create a custom container garden to include all your favorite flowers in one easy to care for pot. Our talented staff will help you pick the perfect plants to put in one of our pots or one of yours, then we’ll do the planting for you! You can take all the credit! There’s nothing we can’t pot. One of our customers brought he husband’s old golf bag and shoes to us for planting. He was really surprised to find beautiful flowers growing in his retired golf gear!

Plant Identification And Pest Or Disease Diagnosis – We have expert staff members who can help you ID unknown plants or tell you exactly what you need to use to get rid of unwanted pests or diseases.

In addition, we also offer… Personal attention from our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff.