Plants for the garden and home:

Annuals – Wonderful seasonal flowering plants for sun and shade that produce masses of blooms.  We offer annuals for the spring, summer and fall as well as cold hardy annuals for late fall and winter.  Beautiful planted in flower beds, hanging baskets or container gardens.

Shrubs – Shrubs are the foundation plants we use around our homes and buildings.  We offer a great number of low maintenance shrubs for the busy home owner.  We love shrubs that flower so we also offer a great selection of blooming shrubs.  We can help you choose the perfect plant based on the amount of sun or shade your yard has.  We’ll even draw you a free planting plan if you bring in pictures and measurements of the area you want to landscape!

Trees – No other act connects you so closely to the environment as that of planting a tree.  Trees serve so many wonderful purposes from cleaning the air to providing birds with food and nesting sites.  Flowering trees, shade trees, fruit and nut trees, evergreen screening trees so many different types to choose from!  Our staff will assist you in picking out the right tree for the right spot.

Roses – You’ll love all the choices of hardy roses we offer.  The tried and true Knock Out is hard to beat for low maintenance rose blooms.  The Julia Childs yellow shrub rose and the new low growing Drift roses are also easy to care for.  Our selection of hybrid tea type roses is best in the spring with offerings that include all your old favorites and new introductions.  No rose selection would be complete without antique roses.  Let us introduce you to low maintenance rose varieties that have been in existence for hundreds of years!

Native Plants For North Florida And South Georgia – Known for their hardiness native trees, shrubs and wildflowers are easy to grow.  Once established natives require little water, fertilize or pest control.  No wonder the move is on to go native!

Houseplants And Tropical Blooming Plants – Who knew houseplants were so good for us!  Recent studies have proven that houseplants clean the air and help us to relax and create a soothing environment.  Light requirements for houseplants vary.  We’ll be glad to help you choose the perfect houseplant for your special spot.  Tropical blooming plants laugh at heat and humidity!  The addition of these plants to your porch, patio or garden will provide beautiful flowers and foliage all summer long!

Holiday Plants – Poinsettias are the best selling holiday plant in the world and our selection in November and December is wonderful!  You’ll be amazed at the interesting colors you can choose from.  We also offer Christmas cactus in a stunning array of colors and sizes.  How about a potted living Christmas tree this year?  Enjoy it indoors for the holiday’s then plant it outdoors where it can be decorated year after year!

We are always well stocked with beautiful flowering plants for indoors and outdoors for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Thanksgiving.  We offer baskets or foil wraps, bows and enclosure cards with envelope to make your plant choice a beautiful gift.  We would also be happy to deliver your gift selection.


Vegetable And Herb Plants – It’s fun and easy to grow your own food!  If you’ve never grown a garden we’d love to teach you how.  We are fortunate to live in North Florida where we can have 2 crops of spring vegetables.  Everyone knows tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash and more can be grown in the spring.

But fall is a great time too!  If you plant in August and September we have time to enjoy these crops for a second time before cold weather.  Speaking of which we also are stocked every fall with all your cool weather favorites like broccoli, cabbage, turnips, collards, mustard greens and more.

Check in with us often to see what vegetables you could be growing now.  If you’ve never cooked with fresh herbs your in for a culinary treat!  Herbs are really easy to grow and we offer several varieties that live all winter without protection from the cold.  For those that can’t grow their herbs and veggies in the ground we offer the Earth Box growing system.  This self watering /self contained planter is the perfect way to grow veggies and herbs on your patio, deck or balcony.

Patio Pots and Hanging Baskets – Our talented designers are always busy creating new plant combinations in pots and hanging baskets! We can help you turn your deck, patio or porch into a thing of beauty. By simply adding beautiful containers of plants in a few strategic spots you can have just the right pop of color.

Fruit and nut trees, shrubs and vines – We at Nobles pride ourselves on offering one of the most extensive varieties of fruit and nuts in the North Florida and South Georgia area. Peach, Plum Persimmon, Citrus, Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, Fig, Pomegranate, Nectarine, Mulberry, Pecan, Mayhaw, Paw Paw and more. You’ll have a great time shopping through this edible  portion of  the nursery and dreaming of your very own harvest!